Since 1980, K Fence, of Zumbro Falls Minnesota, has been building and marketing a new age of fencing materials in the Midwest. K Fence represents a complete line of electric and non-electric farm & wildlife fencing and grape trellising including:

Horse Fence-Fencing for horses has many similarities to livestock fences, however generally
they are somewhat taller and offer more visibility. A basic high tensile horse fence consists of three, four, or five strands of high tensile wire. Often the top and several other wires are insulated. If the fence is energized and remains energized while horses are in the pasture, they will keep their distance and avoid involvement and injury with the fence.

Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot Horse Fence
This is the ultimate in woven wire horse fence. It is available in 4 foot and 5 foot roll widths with a vertical stay wire every 3 inches. It is a class III galvanized product utilizing fixed knot construction of high tensile wire. It is available in a 165 foot roll.

High Tensile Polymer Horse Fence
Utilizing the strength of high tensile, these fences have a covering that adds increased visibility and thus safety to the fence.

1. Centaur Rail consists of a 5 inch rail incasing
2. strands of high tensile wire. It is available in white, black, and brown colors on a 660 foot roll.
3. Spur Rail is a 4 inch rail encasing 2 strands of high tensile wire. It is available in white, brown,
and black colors on a 660 foot roll.
4.White Lightning is a polyethylene covered high tensile wire that can be energized. It can be used in conjunction with Poly Plus and is available on a 1320 foot coil in white, brown, or black.
5. Poly Plus is a 12 1/2 gauge high tensile wire with a polymer coating, 1/4″ in diameter. It is available in white, black, and brown on a 1320 foot coil.
6. Hot Site is a 1″ visible electric rail incasing 2 strands of high tensile wire. It comes on a 500′
roll and is available in white, black, and brown.

Horse Fence Posts:
We believe that treated wood or fiberglass posts are the safest posts Treated wood posts offer superior strength while fiberglass posts offer visibility and flexibility. The use of steel T posts should be avoided as they can easily ground an electric fence and offer a hazard to horses should they rear up near them.

Electro braid:
Electro braid is ideal for horse owners who do not want to fence with a steel wire product. It is
composed of a polyester fiber, like seatbelt material. It has a copper conductor that conducts
electricity on its surface.
It is covered by a 25 year warranty and is available in white on a 1200 foot coil.

Other supplies available at K Fence are
• High Tensile Livestock Fencing
• Elk, Deer, & Bison Fencing
• Deer Abatement & Predator Fencing
• Trellising Systems & Material
• Gripples
• Fiberglass Fence Post
• Pressure Treated Wooden Post
• Rotational Grazing Systems
• Watering Systems
• Electrical Farm Fence
• Speedrite Energizers
• Wildlife and Livestock Gates
• Organic Fencing Materials
Hydraulic Post Drivers and Augers

Our experienced crews have been building strong, long lasting livestock and wildlife fences
in the Midwest for many years. These fences feature high tensile smooth and woven wires stapled onto hydraulically driven pressure treated posts, and have been built to contain virtually every type of livestock. Free estimates are available.

Our expert crew builds over 200,000 feet of high tensile fencing each year. These fences have contained virtually every type of livestock, under a wide variety of conditions. K Fence uses the most up-to-date equipment available to efficiently and effectively construct high tensile fencing. Our vast installation experience is unparalleled in the Midwest and assures you of the strongest, longest lasting yet affordable fencing available today.

Address: 62411 386th Ave,
Zumbro Falls, Minnesota 55991

Located:One mile west of Zumbro Falls on highway 60

Phone: 507-753-2943
Fax: 507-753-2706
Email: [email protected]
Free Estimates
Contact us at [email protected]

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